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 Unmei Kenji

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PostSubject: Unmei Kenji   Unmei Kenji I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2016 1:25 pm

Name: Unmei, Kenji
Alias: N/A
Age: 12
Birthdate: August 12th
Height: 5'7
Weight: 140 Ibs

Personality: Kenji is a rather aggressive individual, both in demeanor and how he approaches others. The events of his life, and even more-so what his future could hold leave him impatient in most situations. The exception to this is a line drawn at what he would call "ignorance". Such as recklessly rushing in against someone who has demonstrated their strength sufficiently. Despite what this type of personality would imply, Kenji is in fact, in his mind at least, not arrogant. In fact, he takes a bit of joy in knocking over-confident individuals down a peg. When not pressuring social situations into action, Kenji can in fact appreciate time to himself and training in relative peace. All-in-All, you could summarize Kenji rather well in that he does not like whimsical personalities.
History: Were one to ask, and receive an actual answer, Kenji would inform them that a few short years ago his parents died in a house fire and he was taken in by his uncle. Unfortunately, his uncle then died to sickness and Kenji came to Konoha to train and leave the bad memories of home behind.

The truth, however, is much worse.

In truth, Kenji's cousin died shortly before his own parents. Causing his uncle to enter a deep depression and pass his time studying history. When the fire began that would take Kenji's parents from him, his uncle had luckily been on his way to tell the family he was leaving. The result, is that Kenji's uncle saved his life that day, before adopting the boy and treating him as his own deceased son. However, during his time alone and depressed with the family Seal mark, Kenji's uncle had gone relatively insane. In his time studying the past, he had come to the conclusion that the growing tensions between the villages would result in war and that only a common hatred ever seemed to bring people together. During Kenji's time with him, his uncle preached this same idea to him over and over, until Kenji found himself almost believing it himself. The idea finally cementing itself in the boy's mind during his final night with his uncle. The night the ANBU raided their home.

Apparently, as his mental state slipped further and further, Kenji's uncle had taken to performing rather illegal actions in order to push the Great Villages further towards war. Kenji, having been asleep during the raid, came into the room just as the last remaining ANBU operative impaled his uncle. Kenji, in a fit of confusion, rage and sadness was able to stab the ANBU operative to death as his uncle used the last of his strength to hold the operative still.

Kenji then fled, leaving the Land of Lightning as a Missing-Nin and seeking to hide in the most crowded, most easily-lost place he could think of... Konoha.

Mother: Unmei, Toma (Deceased)
Father: Unmei, Kaga (Deceased)
Siblings:  Unmei, Kano (Missing)
Allies: N/A
Sensei: N/A
Rivals: N/A
Lover: N/A
Origin: Kumogikure
Clan/Bijuu: Unmei Clan

Village Affiliation: Konoha
Ryo: 500.
Word Pool: oooo

Weapons: 10 Shuriken, 10 Kunai
Armor: (You must buy this equipment.)
Items: (You must buy this equipment.)

Shinobi Info
Ninja Rank/Status: Missing-Nin/Academy Student
EXP: 0

Stamina: 100
Chakra: 100
S.Energy: 50

Chakra Control:
Chakra Nature: Lightning (P)
Affinities: NONE

Combat Stats (Distribute 7 amongst these 5 stats)
Attack: 3
Strength: 1
Toughness: 2
Agility: 12
Speed: 2

Custom jutsu
Bloodline Jutsu
Bijuu Jutsu
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Unmei Kenji
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