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 The Unmei clan

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The Unmei clan Empty
PostSubject: The Unmei clan   The Unmei clan I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 28, 2016 1:18 pm

Symbol: Does not apply
Clan Name: Unmei

Clan History:

In centuries past a great Shinobi was born in the Land of Lightning. This Shinobi bore a special Seal on their person that lent them great strength, and through the accomplishing of many great deeds, he began to establish his own clan. Throughout the ages, the Unmei clan have been renowned Spies and Assassins, as well as peaceful advisers or even simple citizens.  More recently, after the last Great Shinobi war, some of their number migrated to Konoha as a sign of good faith between the Nations.

However, despite the great deeds those of their name may be capable of, their family harbors a darker side to their number. As some have been outcast or even quietly disposed of by other members of the bloodline in order to keep the dangerous nature of their Seal marks secret, and the maddening nature they inflicton the wielder forever only known to their own kind.

Clan Proficiency: Ninjutsu; Resistant to gen-Jutsu
Clan Weakness: Those of the Unmei clan are usually lithe in stature.
Clan Location: Kumo; Konoha
Clan Populace:  small (10+)
Clan Jobs: Scouts; Assassins; Advisors
Allied Clans: N/A
Enemy Clans: N/A
Clan Pros: [Two Max]
- Marked by Fate: Every member of the Unmei bloodline are born with a Mark on them, often signifying great potential.

- Fateful Reflexes: Agility +10

Clan Cons: [At least 1]
- Thin Stature: Maximum Strength Stat = 1/2 of Agility Stat rounded up

- Kekkai Genkai Seal can lead to mental deterioration if handled improperly.

Clan Spots: [1/10]
- Kenji Unmei
Clan Gauge: Fate-Driven: You will achieve your destiny! Greatness awaits!
Increase: +5% for 250
o%: --. Your Seal appears. You begin your journey towards your Fate.
1o%: --. Your Seal melds with your Chakra, create a Bloodline Jutsu based on your primary Chakra nature of E-D Rank.
2o%: --. Learn "Path of Fate". Your Seal spreads.  
3o%: --. Your fate draws ever-nearer, create a Bloodline Jutsu of your primary Chakra type of D-C Rank.
4o%: --. Learn "Fate Unfurled". Your Seal spreads further, covering half of your body.
5o%: --. Your Seal spreads, tying you ever-further to your fate. Create a Bloodline Jutsu of your primary Chakra type of C-B Rank.
6o%: --.  Learn "Hands of Fate". Can only sustain one extra appendage.
8o%: --.You can feel your Fate approaching, it's presence fills you. Create a Bloodline Jutsu of your Primary Chakra type of B-A Rank.
9o%: --.Learn "Punishment"
1oo%: --. Your Fate is almost yours to claim. Create a Bloodline Jutsu of your Primary Chakra type of S Rank.
Fate-Obsessed: So close... only a few more obstacles remain. None of them shall halt you.
5% for 500
o%: --. Your fate constantly weighs on your mind, your Seal covers your entire body.
2o%: --. Hands of Fate can now sustain two extra appendages.
4o%: --. Learn "Judgement"
6o%: -- Others must be hiding it, you must stop them! Hands of Fate can now sustain three extra appendages
8o%: --. You will not be stopped, destruction awaits all who stand before you. Learn "Damnation"
1oo%: --. Learn "Fateful Form". Hands of Fate can now sustain four extra appendages.

Clan Jutsu:

Path of Fate:

Fate Unfurled:

Hands of Fate:


Fateful Form:


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The Unmei clan
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